Beer Gas Systems Inc.

for perfect draught beer

Beer Gas Systems Inc. is a customer service oriented company specializing in nitrogen generators with gas blenders to provide the proper gas blends for pouring


Reliable service

With over 20 years of experience in the mixed draught gas industry and over 500 nitrogen generators installed in various restaurants, bars, Irish pubs, and other establishments, we are the leading supplier of beer gas generators across Canada. We are proud to stand behind our product completely – simply give us a call and we'll be right over!

Proper gas blend increases revenue and improves taste and presentation

The amount of CO2 to keep draught beer properly carbonated is really quite precise. Different beer styles typically have different CO2 contents but most Canadian beers, whether premium or craft products, fall within a narrow band.

Our beer gas generators provide 2 separate gas blends to ensure your draught beer remains properly carbonated from the top of the keg to the bottom resulting in consistent pours, pleased customers, and increased revenue. Best of all, they never run out – no more changing cylinders. Click here to learn how we improve the quality of your draught beer.